Vtuber Terms


  • do not claim, copy, reference, trace my art and designs.
  • do not use my art if you haven't paid for it.
  • I have the right to decline your commission, without giving you a specific reason.
  • this is a digital commission, there will be no physical delivery.


  • listed price is in US dollar.
  • payment via invoice. method available: debit/credit, paypal, stripe
  • I will send you an invoice, after we have agreed on the price. do not send me anything before that.
  • payment must be paid upfront, however, I accept 50/50 payment for commission above $500.
  • the listed prices of the commissions are base prices and for semi-commercial use only. full-commercial usage will cost 2-3 times more, depending on the commercial type.

semi-commercial means the model and assets can be used for streaming in any kind of platforms, used as profile picture and banner with credit. The model and asset is not intended for, or directed towards, commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

full-commercial use would be using the model and assets for merchandise, images used in game and novels, in publications that are sold, and online or offline advertisements and commercial promotions. anything that is intented to make a profit directly with my work would be considered commercial use.

commercial use does not give you premission to post my art without credit.


  • I won't use or copy sources/bases/outfits/designs that you do not have the right to use.
  • credit is given where credit is due, when reposting, never delete or hide my credits.
  • the commissioner/purchaser may use the artwork/design for semi-commercial use only and cannot use the artwork to gain any kind of currency, unless the agreement for full-commercial use is made beforehand.
  • I'm allowed to use your commission for portfolios and non-profit purposes. I have all rights to my artwork.
  • you may ask me not to post on social media, when you order the commission. although I still can post on my portfolio.


  • commission queue and status can be checked on my to-do list.
  • you may ask for wips/status of your commission once a week only, as I don't draw daily.
  • I will send you wip/s durring the commission process, I will continue my work once they got approved by you.
  • changes during the wip phase will not be charged, afterward change request will cost $10+. Mistake from my side will not be charged.
  • I will not completely redoing a commission from scratch, such as completely changing poses/outfit, after the sketch is approved.
  • commissions can vary from within a few weeks to 4 months. This applies to when I start your commission, not when you paid for the commission or when you are added to the queue.
  • you may ask for a deadline, I will only accept it if I'm confident to finish it in your given time. If I accept and can't finish them due to private reasons, you will be notified.
  • rush deadline will cost 20-80% additionally.


  • if you want me to rig your model, depending on your commission order I might request you to change or adjust the model for rigging.
  • if you want someone else to rig my model let me know who will rig it so I can discuss how they want the model to be separated.
  • if you found a rigger only after my model is finished, the rigger may request adjustment once free of charge, change request after that will cost extra (10 - 50) depending on the complexity.

6. Refund Policy

  • refund will only be available if I have not started working on your commission, and you will be refunded only 60% of the full price.
  • if I have started working on your commission, you will not receive a refund.

commission process

commission order

fill out the order form and send it to me via toyhouse / twitter or fill out the google form

detail discussion

I will contact you and discuss the details of your order with you.
if your contact information is invalid (changed username on discord / closed dm on twitter)
I cannot and will not look for other way to contact you.
if you have not replied to me within a week, I will consider your order as cancelled.


after the final agreement I will send you an invoice, I will only start working on your commission if:
the payment is paid as agreed
you are the first on my to do list


2-4 WIPS will be sent depending on the complexity of the commission

digital delivery

After receiving you confirmation for the WIPS I will continue to work on the commission and finish the commission. I will send you the digital file via dm
changes after this will cost extra

Commisison order

By commissioning me you understood and accept my terms.

Title: Vtuber commission - (Commission type: Vtuber Model - Bust up)
Character reference: (clear and colored reference sheet only)
Addons: (additional expressions/objects/animations)
Important Notes: (face shape/body build/etc.)
Rigging Notes: (if you want to incl rigging)
Payment Info: (email for invoice: card, stripe or paypal)